A Short History of our Club

Moycarkey Coolcroo Athletic Club has been in existence for over 85 years from 1936 to today. Back in 1936 the Coolcroo AC section of our club was inaugurated and became very successful in the intervening years.

In 1946 a club to rival the Coolcroo AC club was formed, Moycarkey AC. At this time and since, no other parish has had two athletics clubs within their borders. Great rivalry between the two clubs, which history have shown, both clubs taken honours at County, Munster and National Level. In our own county it was not unusual to see both clubs taken first and second prizes, especially at cross country.

In 1985, with a decline in numbers, both clubs came together to form the club we have nowadays, Moycarkey Coolcroo AC. Today, our club is as strong now as it was back in its infancy. We currently have over 150 juvenile athletes & 45 senior athletes registered with our Club. The Club’s athletes compete all year round in a wide variety of events from Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field events, Combined Events and Road Races at juvenile, junior & senior level. In 2016 we acquired a 35-year lease on a field in Littleton. Training takes place in Our field in behind the Community Sports Centre in Littleton We train there from September to December for the Cross-Country Season, We train from January outdoors in track and field with our juvenile taking a break in July and August. Our Club field behind the centre which we own and are in the process of building a facility which will cater for all the Track and Field events as well as a cross country section. We have also hosted County and Munster Cross Country Competitions with kind permission from the Hayes Family of the Middlepiece. The Club has no shortage of willing members to help out at a moment’s notice & our women have a wonderful ability to put on a great feast after County Road Races which the Club has hosted. Their biscuit cake is legendary & many athletes come just for a taste of this cake after the race. There is a great camaraderie amongst Club members which is witnessed no matter where we go. We hold our Annual Road Races in June each year and of course we have our very own History Book “A Tipperary Athletic Club”

Down through the years our club has had some fantastic success. We have had two athletes compete in the Olympics, over 100 of our members have competed in international competition. There is always great pride, when our athletes win events, weather it’s Running, Jumping or Throwing. Winning on the day, means you have beaten whoever turn’s up, but when you break a record, you have beaten all who have gone before you. Our athletes, down the years have broken numerous records in all events, with some still holding theirs. We have a multitude of Juvenile athletes who have won sports scholarships to Prestigious Universities around the world. Our past history can be read in our long history section

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