Athletics builds Equality

Athletics is a particularly inclusive sport. Boys and girls train together, have the same coach and compete on the same occasion. They are given equal opportunities and platforms to engage in athletics, whether it’s just for fun or at elite level.

Athletics Builds Resilience

When you compete, you don’t always succeed, but that’s what helps develop resilience. In athletics, you progress in very small but achievable and age-related increments.

Athletics Develops Fundamental Movement Skills

Athletics helps develops ‘FMS’, like running, jumping and throwing, which research has shown will increase the probability of a long-term active life by 20%.

Athletics Increases Long-Term Health

Running, through its simplicity, convenience and accessibility, means your child can get into the habit of being active throughout their life, increasing their health in the long-term.

Athletics Builds Speed

There is a myth that ‘you can’t coach speed’. However, the basis for speed is proper running technique, and the earlier you learn that the faster you can be.

Athletics is Suitable for All Shapes and Sizes

Athletics is a sport for all body types, involving multiple disciplines. Ireland’s current crop of world-class Paralympians also demonstrates the sport’s huge inclusivity.

Athletics Boosts Self-Esteem

By learning good fundamental movement skills, children develop confidence. Having good ‘movement language’ means they’ll be more likely to try out new sports too.

Athletics It’s Fun

It’s a myth that athletics is an individual sport. From juveniles to seniors, athletes usually train in squads, where they make lifelong friends and constantly support each other. Every club is a close-knit family, and each competition is a chance to make new friends.

In Athletics Everyone’s a Winner

In athletics, you set your own goals. These can range from taking part in school sports or running a 5km, to breaking World Masters’ athletics records like Waterford’s Over-65-star Joe Gough. Yes, you compete against others, but, at athletics’ heart, you are really competing with yourself. Chasing personal bests means you can always be a winner, from age 5 to at least 80 years.