Policy Documents

Young people’s see their involvement in athletics as a valuable and rewarding part of their lives, for all of their lives.

A frequently asked question Can my child compete in the local 5k or fun run/walk?  –  The answer is Yes but only with a parent/guardian’s consent and supervision at all times, further, we respectfully ask underage runners/walkers not to impede the competitive athletes on the starting line. All children should abide by the guidelines in regards to the distance according of their ages

Juveniles can partake in races greater than that of their age group, but can only do so with parental/guardian consent and they CANNOT wear athletic club colours/singlets: 

Age Groups –

  • Up to 11yrs – 1.5k
  • 12-13yrs – 2k
  • 14-15yrs – 3k
  • 16-17yrs – 4k
  • 18yrs + 10k

The minimum threshold for a 5k is 16yrs and for a 10k is 18yrs.”

Sport is a key component to their physical and emotional development. As a sport we must ensure that children’s early experiences are positive and enjoyable, irrespective of their ability, gender, social class, and race

Our coaches & volunteers deliver these positive experiences each week as role models in their dealings with young people. In particular, the work of the Club Children’s Officers is instrumental in implementing our safeguarding statement, the Moycarkey Coolcroo A.C. Code of Ethics. Our Club will continue to build on this

Coaches Code Of Conducts

Coach Education Policy