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Support us

If you wish to setup a standing order, you can do so by bank transfer to

Moycarkey Coolcroo Atheletic Club


IBAN: IE49BOFI90446475661305

Even though Moycarkey Coolcroo Athletic Club has over 80 years’ experience, we are at a very early stage of our development, we are constantly developing our facility as well as up-grading and enhancing what we already have. We believe in taking small steps, as well as looking to our future needs. We are not going to put our club into a situation where we must get big loans to bail us out. We need to cater for our present talent, ensuring we have the funding to develop their needs, educate our coaches and give all our members the opportunity to compete in their chosen events

With fundraising been a critical part of every sporting club, Moycarkey Coolcroo Athletic Club find that raising much needed monies locally been very tight and that any donation, no matter how small will be totally welcome. Not everyone has the same character on needs, is why Athletics is suitable for each individual. Moycarkey Coolcroo Athletic Club will give an opportunity to those not interested in physical or team sports to be a member of a club. It’s been proven, that been a member of a club will enlighten you and brighten ones horizon, making yourself successful in your chosen profession.                

 Moycarkey Coolcroo Athletic Club has completed the application and have received confirmation that Tax can be claimed in regard to any donation made to our club. This covers our club for the following, the purchase, construction or refurbishment of a building or structure, or part of a building or structure, to be used for sporting or recreation activities provided by the approved sports body, the purchase of land to be used by the approved sports body in the provision of sporting or recreation facilities, the purchase of permanently based equipment (excluding personal equipment) for use by the approved sports body in the provision of sporting or recreation facilities, the improvement of the playing pitches, surfaces or facilities of the approved sports body the repayment of, or the payment of interest on, money borrowed by the approved sports body on or after 1st May 2002 for any of the purposes mentioned above

Thanks for your donation to our development

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